Are Fancy Diamond Color Engagement Rings A Smart Investment?

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Not everyone that’s looking for a engagement ring is seeking a colorless stone. Rings with fancy or unusual colors have been growing in popularity for some time now. For more than a decade, women have bee drawn to rings that feature unusual and attractive colors like pink, yellow, and even blue.

However, some people have concerns about the value of these kinds of rings. There are people that worry that these rings won’t hold in value. Are rings with fancy colors worth buying, or are they just a trend? Here’s what you should know about buying these kinds of rings.

Naturally Colored Stones Are Worth More Than Artificially Colored Stones

Some diamonds with unusual colors come by their color naturally. For example, yellow diamonds can be found in mines. Because these kinds of variations are extremely rare, these diamonds are usually extremely valuable. Some of the most valuable diamonds in the world have an unusual color.

The demand for unusually colored stones is much higher than the supply of stones. Because of this, there are some stones on the market that are artificially colored. These stones are usually a lot less valuable.

Don’t assume that every ring with an unusual stone is the same. You should ask the jeweler to tell you more about the diamond. This will help you to determine the stone’s true value.

Unusual Colors Aren’t Just A Fad

Diamonds with strange colors have been popular for longer than you think. While pink diamonds only started to get widespread media coverage about 15 years ago, these diamonds have been sold by jewelers for much longer than that. The Hope diamond, a large and brilliant blue stone, has been admired for more than four centuries.

You shouldn’t assume that a colored stone is going to fall out of fashion. There is a very good chance that these kinds of colored stones will be popular for a long time. Jewelry trends come and go, but unusually colored diamonds have endured in popularity.

You Shouldn’t Necessarily Think Of Diamonds As An Investment

A lot of people assume that the engagement ring they are buying is an investment for the future. While you or your partner will be wearing the ring for a very long time, diamond jewelry loses a lot of value once it’s sold. It may not be the investment that you think it is.

You should absolutely try to buy a top-quality piece of jewelry, but you shouldn’t purchase a ring because you think it’s a sound investment. As long as you and your partner are happy with the ring, buying it is a great idea.

Rings with unusual colors aren’t going to be right for everyone. With that said, these rings can absolutely be a great buy. Think long and hard about what you want before you buy an engagement ring. Whether you opt for a colorful ring or something with a more classic feel, you’ll be thrilled with the ring that you choose.