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Brian Gavin Diamonds: A Review

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This review, unlike many others that look into the history and influence of a company, will focus on the founder of Brian Gavin Diamonds (BGD), Brian Gavin. The company is relatively young into the business.

To start off, generally, BGD is named after Brian Gavin himself, uniting the concept and core of the company. The website was put up in 2009. However, the company has established its presence in the industry for quite longer than that. The company has had the most recent and highest achievement of this revolutionary industry involving diamonds.

On Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin is a member of a family possessing a rich history in diamond craftsmanship. In addition, he was also born and raised in South Africa, which is the capital of diamonds in the world. At a young age, he worked as a student, polishing diamonds in the diamond factory of his family. This became a foundation, a solid one, that one day made him the famous and respected professional he is now, in raising diamond excellence.

He introduced his “A Cut Above” super-ideal Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds in 1998. In 2001, he became the co-founder of This rapidly formed and increased its reputation for producing the best diamonds with the finest cuts to the Internet world.

The Signature Hearts & Arrows Diamond

In the said website, the “A Cut Above” was developed and sold exclusively. To perfect the round and marvelous diamond, he returned to his laboratory. This happened in 2009. In his attempt to perfect the round and marvelous diamond, his Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond was born. He is currently selling them exclusively on his new website

I am not saying this to promote it. When I was a salesman for Schachter Namdar Diamonds, Inc., I traveled a lot. Back then, I regularly went to Houston, where Brian Gavin lives. This is also where BGD is based.

Dealing with a Perfectionist

In my frequent travels to the city, I was able to build a strong, and a loyal base for customers in the location. This is because I traveled there often, and sold so many times in the local market. Brian, on the other hand, was very selective, and he never bought one diamond from me! He was meticulous, a perfectionist. Even though I always came prepared for every single one of my Houston trips, hoping that he would find one good enough for him, he always explained to me why they were not. Despite working for a company that has revenue of about $500,000,000 a year in diamonds, I discovered what genuine Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds truly are from Brian Gavin himself.


One of the weaknesses of BGD is breaking down the list of online diamonds to virtual listers and inventory holders. However, if you are keen on purchasing a virtually listed diamond, a better choice would be James Allen. It can show magnified photos of the diamonds in their virtual list.

The Strengths of the Brian Gavin Diamond

When it comes to BGD’s strength, however, it can be found in their stones that are specially super-ideal cut.  Among these, the huge amounts are their “Brian Gavin Signature” Hearts & Arrows cut round diamonds. To add to that, they have some super-ideal cut Princess cut diamonds in available. Finally, another one of their strengths is their fascinating “Brian Gavin Blue” collection.  It can be inferred that having a diamond that has any Medium or Strong Blue Fluorescence can be a blessing or a curse, or probably neither, as found in the article Fluorescence.

The Diamond Market’s Attitude Towards Fluorescence

On some occasions, the fluorescence can whiten the look of a diamond without having any adverse effects on the appearance of the stone.  Sometimes, the fluorescence will make the stone seem boring and milky. This happens particularly when exposed to direct sunlight. One noteworthy thing is that the worth of the diamond is automatically discounted when there is known fluorescence found on the certificate. This is automatic, whether or not it harmfully affects the appearance of the diamond.

Brian Gavin Blue Collection

Usually, I discourage the purchasing of diamonds with knowing fluorescence. I discourage it except if the diamond can be confirmed to not have any adverse and dulling effects. This is precisely why I adore the Brian Gavin Blue collection. In the said collection, Brian himself has assessed every single diamond, in external and internal lighting. This is to be completely sure that the fluorescence only has positive effects in these diamonds. The most exciting part is that you get the best diamond at a reasonable price.


For this review, I communicated with Brian Gavin Diamonds just like a regular customer, similar to the reviews of James Allen and reviews of Blue Nile. It can be said that I previously had involvement with BGD.  This is because I ordered a diamond from them, which I used in my Hearts on Fire review.  I “got” a 1.02 H SI1 Hearts and Arrows diamond loose from them. I got this so I could have overall access to the diamond in order to examine it meticulously.

In that article, the BG Signature diamond, costing 40% less, was just as great as the Hearts on Fire diamond.

The Overall Brian Gavin Experience

In order to get the authentic Brian Gavin experience for this review, I purchased a diamond mounted in one of their settings. I assume my experience is similar to the experiences of other customers. I finally chose this diamond, which is a 0.62 H VS2 H&A Signature diamond mounted in this setting, a Fishtail Pave setting with the “Truth Head”.  It contains only and H&A ideal cut pave stones in the shank, with a setting that is listed. With this, I plan to carefully examine the class of the setting and also the diamonds set that is inside.


In my purchase of the loose diamond, as compared to the Hearts on Fire stone, I would have to say that the customer service of BGD is excellent. I asked them so many questions, and I inquired so much. They were able to answer me well and they calmly did this. I did my best to be quite annoying, but they unfailingly spoke to me gracefully and considerately.

The Packaging of Brian Gavin

It was delivered on time and I was quite impressed with the packaging when I opened it. They used an orange tissue for the wrapper, and each piece in the box is carefully wrapped. Upon opening, there was a beautiful and elegant ring box that was as compared to the standard box offered by the most other stores.

Also, as compared to the GIA certificate, the AGS Certificate seemingly suggests a feeling of weight and significance. Although it can seem unimportant, odds are the recipient of the ring won’t know the difference between GIA and AGS, and an initial impression will surely be successful in making her feel like she’s getting something of superior quality.

Visually Beautiful and Brilliant

As expected, the ring was visually beautiful and the diamond looked flawless. I looked at the in various places, in different lightings, and I was similarly mesmerized wherever I looked at it from. Also, I showed the ring to many of my friends, who are not quite familiar with looking at diamonds, and they were just as impressed. After that, I took a typical ideal cut diamond in a simple platinum ring with almost the same size as the ring from BGD. I let my friends take a look at it again, in relation to the ring I got from BGD. Half of them said that it was noticeable that the BGD stone obviously looked more brilliant. About a quarter said that they notice a difference, but it was not that obvious.  Another quarter did not see any difference and said both were equally great.

Super-Ideal Cut Diamonds

Additionally, the pave stones in the shank of the ring looked just like how they were supposed to. Every single one of the stones had the quality that was expected from super-ideal cut diamonds.


Before finally concluding and stating whether purchasing from BGD is recommended, I want to comment first if it is recommended to buy a super-ideal Hearts & Arrows diamond over the usual ideal cut.

Generally, the BGD diamonds are considered premium compared to the usual ideal cuts.  Based on the tests that I conducted, twenty-five percent of the people I asked couldn’t notice the difference. But still, the main reason for buying a diamond is its brilliance.  So to say, the cut quality would be the one quality of a diamond that is worth investing in.

Cut Quality Over Clarity

Usually, most people would believe that a much higher clarity diamond is needed than is necessary. For these types of people, if they would simply lower in clarity to a clean eye SI1 or SI2 and use the money saved to buy a Brian Gavin Signature stone, it would be much more advisable. With this, they will be getting a diamond for a similar price, with almost the same size and one that is just as clean, but shines more.

Think About the Receiver

Lastly, the person getting the ring should also be considered. If you or your future wife has a clear and sharp taste, along with a fine eye, then you will most likely be those ones that noticed a noticeable difference among the BG Signature stone and the usual ideal ring. If you are someone like this, it will be better use of the money. Unless if it is someone who will not notice, or be able to tell or care whichever way. Obviously, you should go with the Brian Gavin Diamonds if you want the most brilliant and most fiery diamond there is.