How To Find Small Engagement Rings That Don’t Look Cheap

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Finding the best engagement ring can be a tough job, especially if you don’t have a very big budget. If you are keen on offering your beloved one a diamond solitaire, you’ll have to hunt for the lowest price without compromising on the beauty of the stone. This means you may have to go for a smaller ring, even though your heart may be telling you to get a huge one.

In order for a small ring to look stylish and valuable, you need to make sure you get a good diamond. Don’t be afraid to go for a lower carat weight, in order to be able to afford a very good cut, a better clarity and a good enough color grade. If you want a yellow gold ring, you can pick a lower color grade, in order to keep the price within the limits of your budget. This won’t affect the beauty of the ring. Choosing a very high color grade isn’t an option anyway, in case of yellow metals. The stone will borrow slight shades of yellow from the metal, so you’d be wasting money on a very high color grade diamond.

The cut grade is yet another characteristic you shouldn’t compromise on, if you want your ring to look expensive. Low cut grades make diamonds look dull, so you should rather go for a smaller size, should you have budget constraints that prevent you from buying the big and wonderful engagement ring you’d like to offer your fiancĂ©e.

When searching for your ideal engagement ring, start by setting your budget. Next, set the color grade range of the diamond. This will enable you to narrow down your research, in order to save some time. If you are new to diamonds, you’ll have to discuss with an expert jeweler for figuring out what would be the carat weight range you should aim for.

If you prefer online shopping, always make sure the diamonds come with their certificate stating the 4Cs, as this is how you can know you’re not overpaying for your ring. If a stone doesn’t have such a certificate, you’ll need to get an expert grades to assess it. Besides, avoid websites you know nothing about. Diamond rings aren’t an impulse purchase. They are way too expensive to take risks, so do your homework very well before placing an online order.

There are small engagement rings that don’t look cheap, but you may have to invest a lot of time into searching for them. As a good rule of the thumb, you should avoid buying the first ring you come across. You need to compare multiple options, as this is the best way to find the beautiful piece of jewelry you are after. Besides, make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re going to pay for in terms of the characteristics and the market value of the diamond. An engagement ring is both a symbol of your love and an investment, so choose it wisely.