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Are you finally having the courage to ask your girlfriend to live and love you forever? Are you finally ready to get hitched and settle down? Congratulations for taking a huge step to cross and achieve another milestone in your life!

Men who are planning for a proposal need to prepare the 3 main things needed for a decent proposal:

1. Place

There doesn’t need to be a big audience for your proposal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You only need to think of a place that means a lot to you and your girlfriend. Getting engaged is a big deal, and you would want to look back at the memory with a happiness and love.

2. Speech

It’s up to you if you want to prepare a speech or not. More often than not, men tend to get a mental block during the actual proposal even if they practiced a lot of times in front of the mirror. You can type down your speech on your notes tab on your phone if you really want to tell your girlfriend how much she means the world to you before asking her to be your life partner.

3. Engagement Ring

This is probably the most costly thing to prepare. Engagement rings are expensive and even if you like it or not, engagement rings are a part of a decent proposal.

There has been a lot of thinking and deciding about how much a man should spend for an engagement ring. This is a relatively a big purchase and is the first expense for your road to getting hitched. Because of this debated debacle, there are now engagement ring calculators you can use to determine how much you need to spend for an engagement ring. If you are not sold to the calculator, here are a few “rules” you can look at when making the big purchase of an engagement ring:

Three Month’s Salary – spending three month’s worth of your salary

One Month’s Salary – the rule of thumb is to spend a whole month of your salary on an engagement ring

Split The Difference – did you know you could actually ask your partner to split the cost of the ring? Maybe 2-months salary for you and 1-month for her. Seems fair enough.

Average Cost – the average cost of an engagement ring is $7,000.

Of course, when spending for an engagement ring, you have to consider your work and financial conditions are you paid full-time? Do you have enough savings? You also have to consider your partner’s personality and expectations. Do you think she would like a big diamond that shouts, “I am getting married!” or do you think she would want more of the simpler designs?

An engagement ring is merely a symbol of love and commitment. It is special to you, and it would most especially mean a lot to your partner. The meaning the ring holds is far more important than the diamond, design, and cost.